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Article: The World-renowned Hong Kong: A Tiny Place in the World Map That Never Stops

The World-renowned Hong Kong: A Tiny Place in the World Map That Never Stops - MataneHome

The World-renowned Hong Kong: A Tiny Place in the World Map That Never Stops

Hong Kong is a place we cannot see in the world map without zooming in. However, it is an amazing place where everyone is curious on how 7 million people live in such a small place in harmony and how dense a household is. Hong Kong never stops changing and tourists always find it changes a lot when they visit Hong Kong the next time. Photos of Hong Kong capture the present which become historical the next second.


Introduction to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not considered the most popular destination. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region in China. It means Hong Kong is an autonomous area within China. Hong Kong used to be British Colony before Jul 1997. It is not allowed to fly the Union Jack but still, they have British Embassy in Hong Kong. The largest part of the population are Chinese. The 5 largest languages are Cantonese, Hakka, Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese. They have respect for everyone’s privacy and cleanliness.


Hong Kong in the world map

Many people have a dream of flying to Hong Kong and witnessing the magnificence of the city. It has lots of open spaces, mountains and coastline [Click here]. Due to this, the city never feels crowded when you are not in the urban area. People are divided on hilly streets of Hong Kong and the shopping streets are always full of people during morning, afternoon and night. The distinct architecture of the city has architecture which can be seen in every location. For starters, Hong Kong never stops changing and the city has many famous landmarks that have a short and long-time history. It’s hard to describe Hong Kong, because if you visit Hong Kong, you’ll see it as it is. You’ll find Hong Kong in a photo as it is, not as you imagined it.


A bustling economy

Despite of being a port city and a modern city, Hong Kong has a quite traditional city life. Big and bustling city is the only thing you see on the digital world and you must agree that Hong Kong city is no exception. Looking at the stunning night sky full of glitzy skyscrapers [Click here], you must be thinking why can't I live in such a place where you can have a high salary and live in such comfort. People always dream of buying a property and building a house at the corner of a big street in Hong Kong. Thus, having a home is the most important thing for them and you must agree that the house is such a big task for Hong Kong people. They are rarely seen living in a high rise apartment in Hong Kong, but the houses they usually live in are quite small.


A tight living space

To live in Hong Kong is not just about the city but the dense population and busy market. Other world cities like Tokyo, Paris and London are also dense but not as dense as Hong Kong [Click here] which we can find everywhere. To live in Hong Kong is like to live in a tiny island surrounded by ocean. Hong Kong is actually called "The Jewel of the East", thus, they always have a special meaning. Hong Kong people stay healthy by going outdoors and have a lot of fresh vegetables to choose from.



Hong Kong is a tiny place in the world map that never stops changing, while it holds some values that is heritage of different cultures. Hong Kong is filled with very friendly people who are proud of their own culture, religion, languages and way of living. The beauty of Hong Kong is that you will always find a very healthy living environment. The city’s economy is quite diversified, yet, the people in the same area always know and share the common interests and goals. This says that Hong Kong is a good city to live in but also a beautiful city to visit. The actual expat experience is just as beautiful as the scenery is. The place offers a great blend of different cultures, traditions, people and cosmopolitan ways.

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